CPA – Cashflow, Budgets and Profit Planning


Creates profitable online businesses by identifying gaps in sales, supply chain and customers.

Customer Journey and Digital Experience


Creates more seamless, user friendly, intuitive, customer centric world class experiences via digital channels.

Mindset and Breakthrough Experience


Award-winning Public speaker and International Life Coach. As a breakthrough specialist. ‘I believe when we break through Life’s obstacles you receive what was so lovingly given to me; Transformation.’ it has become my purpose and mission at MDA Life Coaching to come alongside and empower you as you become the possible versions of YOURSELF. 

My hope is to bring Your voice to that which was voiceless; as you Let Go of your past, Transform Your Thinking to Recreate Your Future Now. Welcome to MDA Life Coaching… I am looking forward to connecting with you.

HR & Recruitment


Chantal Nash is the owner of Solid HR and Solid 101. Solid 101 is all things employment. You wouldn’t build your home on weak foundations so don’t build your business that way! Wanna know how to build your solid foundations? 

Here’s why you come to Solid HR, Solid takes the hassle of Retention out of Human Resourses and puts their own raw life changing spin on it. Forgot the old boring days of HR, Solid HR is here to change things up while keeping your business safe. 

Automation and Scaling Processes


Crystelle is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and educator. As one of Australia’s leading sales & marketing automation strategists, Crystelle has spent 20+ years working in Marketing and Events throughout Australia. She founded Launchy, an Australian Marketing & Business Automation Agency servicing a global client base.

As the Founder and CEO at Launchy, Crystelle provides…

– Sales, marketing, and business automation advice: how to make more revenue by working smarter and doing less.

– Scaling processes: How to take your business to the next level of growth

– Ninja Infusionsoft strategies – Stay ahead of the game by getting your strategy straight from the source.

– Marketing, Business & Sales automation: how a little can go a long way to increasing your ROI – and how to do it for YOUR business.

Nudge Marketing


Elly is an online communication and human behaviour expert and helps businesses fine tune their Customer Journey, create compelling content and have conversations that convert. She has an extensive background in marketing, business strategy and digital technology, with in-depth knowledge in customer behaviour, lead generation & funnel optimisation. With a unique blend of empathy and understanding of human behaviour and a geekiness and love of technology, she helps her customers use automation with a touch of personalisation and feeling, to create that WOW factor!

Elly specialises in: Customer Journey Audit, Messenger strategy, chatbot design and build, Email strategy and writing, Organic Social Media strategy, design and build.